If you have a staff member who is also the parent of a child at your school, Procare offers a way for that individual to switch between the two accounts on the website and in the app.

What It Means 

Once an individual has access as both a staff member and a parent, they will be able to click on the profile circle in the upper right on the website to quickly switch between the two views. 

In the app, they will have the choice of logging in as a Staff or a Parent after entering their email and password. Once logged in, to switch between roles, they will need to log out and log back in to select the other option.

How it Works 

If you're not sure how to add a staff or parent, please click to view the help articles below:

Option 1 - They have already been added as a staff or parent

If the person already has signed up for a Procare account as a staff or a parent, you can add them as a parent or staff (respectively) with the same email address they currently use to log in. 

You will see the words "Signed Up" in green next to their name after adding their email, which indicates that they are now able to switch between the two accounts.

Option 2 - They have not been added as staff or parent yet

If the person has never signed up for a Procare account before, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose one account type to add the person to first. It can be staff, or parent, but not both. 

  2. The person will receive their invitation code email and sign up for a Procare account. 

  3. Once they have finished signing up for an account and can log in, you can then follow the steps in Option 1 to add their email address to the alternative option. 

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