You can send messages through the app. To begin, click on Messages at the bottom left of the app's main screen:

Once you have selected the Messages tab, you will then see a list of all the threaded messages and the student that those messages correspond to.

To compose a message, you can either select the pencil icon in the bottom right or you can select the conversation that you wish to reply to. 

When a conversation with a particular child is chosen, you will see all of the past messages threaded and the parents that are participating at the top of the screen (Red Box). 

Please note that parents will have the option to keep their messages with the school private from other family members. This will be displayed to the staff members with a red icon next to the student's name. 

For families who have decided to keep their messages private, you will see a tab with each parent's name once you have selected the conversation with that student. Staff members will be able to simply select the tab that lists the name of the parent that they wish to communicate with. 

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