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When a family shows interest in your school or center, you can create a lead profile to help manage their information, track their progress throughout the system, and communicate with via email or text messages.

With the Lead enrollment form, you can have parents fill out an application, accept registration fees, and track where the families are as they go from showing interest in your program to becoming actively enrolled. Alternatively, you can use the form as a way to track interest in your program via an inquiry form.

Build an online registration form for parents to fill out in order to be placed on a waitlist or accepted as a new family into your school or center. You can have parents agree to policies and waivers, accept registration fees via credit card, and track families through your enrollment pipeline.

The Online Registration Forms article details best practices and more information on building an online registration form.

The Lead Insights page is used to help you understand the effectiveness of converting your leads to enrolled families. This screen has two sections: Pipeline and Funnel.

  • The Pipeline table provides a snapshot of leads by status and allows you to compare data for two dates at a time.

  • The Funnel table displays how leads move through the lead process, which includes the percentage of leads that convert from one status to the next (ex: Toured to Waitlisted), and the average time a lead spends in each status.

Once families have entered your enrollment pipeline, you will need to communicate with them fairly often as the family decides whether your program is a good fit for their needs, or when their child might be able to enroll. We have provided a way for you to send email or SMS messages to your leads as needed by sending personalized messages or sending from a list of templates.

When working with potential families who are interested in placing their child at your center, you need to ensure that leads are contacted quickly so that they don't lose interest or decide to go somewhere else. Procare makes keeping track of your to-do's easier by adding a "Tasks" section to our Leads feature.

The Leads > Tasks screen allows you to create tasks related to an action, email or phone call that a specific staff member will need to complete within an assigned due date.

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