School Settings
Enable options for your school, such as kiosk forms, QR code sign-in/out, parent notifications, and more!
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The School Settings page allows you to customize different options for your center, such as sign-in/out options, notifications to parents, and allowing parents to edit their information via the mobile app.

Sign In-Out


  • Sign-in and Sign out - option enables parents to receive an email and push notification when their students are signed in or out of a room by a staff member. Parents can disable push notifications at any time in the mobile app. This setting is only enabling the email and push notifications, parents can still view attendance records on their child’s activity feed.

  • Room Transfers - setting allows for parents to receive a daily activity when their child is transferred between rooms. When disabled, parents will not be able to see when their child was transferred.


  • Allow Parent to Edit Family Records) - enabling this options allows families to enter/edit their account information. Once you enter the student's name, parent's name and contact information, they can enter the rest.

  • Display Student Name as (Last, First) - this option will change how student names display on the website and the app.

  • Display Staff Name on Daily Activities - Staff name will be visible to parents and staff viewing daily activities log on the website and the app.

  • School Email - update the email used for school communication in leads, newsletters and event invites.

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