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Procare Online Product Release for 12/6/2022
Procare Online Product Release for 12/6/2022

Website Product Release 3.49.0

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Release Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2022 beginning at 8:00 PM MT

Room Transfers

  • Added the following settings to the School Settings screen. These new settings will replace the "Notify Parents when Staff Take Attendance" setting and allow admins to have more control over the notifications parents receive.

  • Sign-In/Out activities will now be visible on parent's activity feed. Previously, attendance records were not visible to parents when sign-in/out was recorded by staff.

  • When the "Room Transfers" setting is enabled, parents will receive a single notification when their child is transferred. Previously, parents would receive two notifications: when the child was signed in, and then another when signed out.

  • Sign-In/Out activities for attendance and transfers will now be controlled by the "Display Staff Name on Daily Activities" setting.

  • The Daily Summary report and email will include Attendance and Transfer Activities based on school settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where students were unable to be enrolled in a program when the student schedule did not match perfectly with the program schedule.

  • Fixed an issue where Insights were not updating after a student was enrolled.

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