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Programs & Insights Overview
Programs & Insights Overview
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Programs allow you to create unique enrollment opportunities that are not specifically tied to a room. This also enables you to create additional revenue streams as students can enroll in multiple programs within the center. Programs can be assigned to one or multiple rooms and rooms can now offer multiple programs.

To help centers plan for the future, new insights are being added that will show administrators what their enrollment currently looks like for each program with staff-to-student ratios. This helps centers recognize which programs are in highest demand and what openings are readily available for interested families to enroll their children into.

In this article you will find:

Permissions for Programs & Insights

Users with the Admin role will automatically have "Full Access" to Programs and Non-Admin users will have "Read" access.


Insights shows current enrollment by Program and Room so you know how many openings are available for your offered Programs. The Insights page will display the following information:

  • Total number of students assigned to each Room

  • Room capacity

  • Student to teacher ratio


Creating a Program

  1. Navigate to My School > Programs.

  2. Complete the Create Program popup and click Create:

    1. Enter the name of your Program

    2. Select the program's Start and End dates (optional)

    3. Choose the Weekly Schedule. Deselect a day/time by clicking on on each item. Selected days/times are in blue

    4. Enter the student:staff ratio. Please Note: This field is required if using Program Insights

    5. Set the status to Active.

  3. A message will display at the bottom indicating your program has been created and you will be directed to the Program Profile.

Program Profile

The Program Profile screen allows you to make edits to the program details and enroll students/staff into the program.

Assigning a Program to a Room

  1. Click the pencil icon next to "Not Assigned".

  2. Choose one or more rooms from the drop-down and click the blue checkmark to confirm.

Enrolling Students into a Program

  1. Enroll students into your program by clicking the Students tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Click Enroll students.

  3. Choose the students you wish to enroll, then click Enroll.

  4. The system will enroll the students into the program based on their availability.

Assigning Staff to a Program

  1. Assign staff to your program by clicking the Staff tab at the top of the screen.

  2. Click Assign Staff.

  3. Select the staff members you wish to assign to the program and click Continue.

  4. If there are multiple rooms assigned to the program, select a room for each assigned staff member. Then click Assign Staff

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