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Viewing the Activity Dashboard
Viewing the Activity Dashboard

Use the Activity Dashboard to view bottle, diaper, and nap activity histories via the child care mobile app.

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Once the dashboard is enabled, teachers assigned to the room can access the dashboard via the Procare child care mobile app. The dashboard provides teachers with visibility on which activities have been logged and when. See: Enabling the Activity Dashboard

Please Note: The Activity Dashboard was specifically designed to fit the needs of the infant teacher and currently may not be ideal for all rooms at a center.

When the Dashboard is enabled for a room, there will be 2 tabs at the top of the child care mobile app: Attendance and Activities.

To view the Activity Dashboard, click the Activities tab. This will display children currently signed into the selected room with up to 3 tiles: Bottle, Bathroom, and Nap.

For bottle and bathroom tiles, the timestamp indicates the last time that activity was recorded for that child.

When a nap start time is recorded, the nap tile will display “Nap Started at 00:00” and there is an orange sleep icon that will display on the child's avatar.

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