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Procare Online Product Update for 4/13/2022
Procare Online Product Update for 4/13/2022

Website Product Release 3.35.0

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Release Date: April 13, 2022

Procare Online Updates

Programs Creation

The new Program functionality allows you to define unique program offerings, as well as see the overall enrollment of your center. When utilizing Programs, you have the option to add start and end dates, rooms (to manage physical locations), and a weekly schedule. Using Programs allows you to make informed decisions and provide greater control while managing your offerings.

Timecard Summary Report

The following message has been added when running the Timecard Summary report with custom date picker: "Overtime is calculated based on a Monday-Sunday work week. When selecting Monthly or Custom date picker, if the selected period does not start on a Monday, the report will include overtime from the previous week."

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, when adding a photo under Daily Activities, if the 'Caption' field was left blank, it would display a previous caption upon editing. Now, the caption will remain blank.

  • Fixed a display issue on the Billing > Recurring Plans > Edit > Edit Attendance Plan screen for monthly recurring billing plans.

  • Fixed a time zone issue on the Lead Insights screen.

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