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Procare Online Product Update for 3/23/2022
Procare Online Product Update for 3/23/2022

Website Product Release 3.33.0

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Release Date: March 23, 2022

Parent Engagement + Desktop Updates

Procare Online Updates

Sharing Student Assessment Portfolios

Save time with our new “Send Portfolio” feature by sending student portfolios to multiple families at once! Share student portfolios with parents in three easy steps.

  1. From the Assessments screen, click Send Portfolio

  2. Decide whether to "Only include Assessments with an assigned Progress."

  3. Then, select the students and click Send Portfolio

    1. The student portfolio is emailed to parents with a PDF attachment

    2. Parents with multiple children at a center will receive a separate email for each child

Added Hover Timestamps to Daily Summary

View the timestamp of the last logged activity for each child by placing your mouse over each activity icon on the Daily Summary.

Ledger Detailed Transaction Report Enhancements

Added a "Student Name" column on the Ledger Detailed Transaction report.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Removed icons from Learning Action menus for consistency throughout the system.

  • Resolved an issue where corporate schools would select the “Exclude Lesson from Daily Activities Summary email” setting when creating lesson templates, then the setting was not syncing down to the individual schools.

  • Fixed an issue where Lesson Labels were not syncing from corporate level to individual schools.

  • On subsidy accounts, while receiving payment, fixed an issue where the remaining balance in some cases is shown as negative $0.

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