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Procare Online Product Update for 3/9/2022
Procare Online Product Update for 3/9/2022

Procare Website Release 3.32.0

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Release Date: March 9, 2022

Parent Engagement + Desktop Updates

Procare Online Updates

Student Details added to Messaging

We've added a “Student Details” card located in the Message thread. While messaging parent/guardians you can quickly look up the room a student is signed in to and access parent/guardian contact information without ever needing to leave the message thread.

Default School Email Setting

Improve the professionalism of parent/guardian communications by setting a default school email in the School Settings. This option sets the default ‘Reply To’ email address on lead messages, newsletters, and event invites so parents/guardians do not see and/or respond to you or your staff's personal emails. In the event you need parents/guardians to respond to your personal email address, you will still have the option to manually change the 'Reply To' for each communication even when the default school email is set.

Please Note: Previously created Lead Automations and scheduled Newsletters will maintain the original ‘reply to’ email address but can be updated manually.

Shared Services Performance Report

Gain visibility into the financial health of individual locations with our Shared Services Performance Report. This report will allow you to better understand the performance of individual locations by providing the following summarized information:

  • Amounts invoiced/paid

  • Subsidy amounts invoiced/paid

  • Outstanding balances

Please Note: This report can only be accessed via the Corporate Portal and requires a corporate/group account to be set up.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • The email address displayed on the top of the tax statements will now pull from the Site Director Email.

  • Fixed multiple issues on the AZ DES Report:

    • Child names from check-in/out will be listed as ‘Last, First’.

    • When the report extended onto a second page, the table was overlapping the Penalty Warning.

    • When children have sign-in/outs that overlap times, they will be compressed into one event.

  • The auto-pay process will now only include a payment amount for any outstanding balance on the account for invoices with a current or past due invoice date. Future dated invoices will no longer be included in the auto-payment process. Future dated invoices will be processed for auto-payment matching their invoice due date. Previously, the auto-pay process looked for an invoice due on that day but would submit a payment for any outstanding balance on an account, including for invoices with a future invoice due date. In some cases, this would result in parent’s auto-payment including payments a week or month earlier than expected if a future invoice was created before the current week or month’s invoice had been processed for payment.

  • Fixed an issue where a photo shared between students, but with different captions, was retaining the same caption in the Daily Summary Report.

  • Users can now filter the daily summary as they can the activity feed.

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