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Procare Online Product Update for 1/19/2022
Procare Online Product Update for 1/19/2022

Procare Website Release 3.29.0

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Release Date: January 19, 2022

Parent Engagement + Desktop Updates

Procare Online Updates

Activity Feed Enhancements

The Activity Feed on the web will now automatically load the last four weeks of activities. Activities older than four weeks can still be viewed by clicking the new “Load More Activities” button at the end of the activity feed.

The Activity Feed can now be filtered by a selected date range. Select to view a week or month at a time, then choose the specific date range from a calendar.

Arizona DES Report Updates

The Arizona DES report was previously recording transfers between rooms as additional sign-in/outs. For example, if a child was signed-in in the morning, transferred rooms, then signed-out in the afternoon, it would display 2 sign-in times and 2 sign-out times (see example below). Now, the report will ignore room transfers and only display actual sign-in/out times (highlighted times below will be ignored).

Daily Activity Enhancements

  • As an admin creating a Daily Activity requiring admin approval, you can now deselect the approval button so the activity can be sent without requiring approval via the web.

  • Resolved an issue related to the Staff Present option when recording a Daily Activity.

Room Profile Permissions Fix

Fixed an issue on the Room Profile screen that prevents users with Read access to Rooms permissions from editing the "Max Student Capacity" field, and ensures users with Full access are able to edit and save the capacity.

Corporate Rooms Fix

Fixed an issue where centers were unable to deactivate or reactivate corporate synced rooms from the Room Profile screen.

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