We do:

  • Your Implementation Specialist will send you a Welcome Email with this process, a link to our training webinars, a link to the Procare Online Launch Guide, and their contact information.

  • Your Implementation Specialist will call to introduce themselves and answer any questions you have about the implementation process.

  • Your Implementation Specialist can help you schedule your training webinars and your two Implementation meetings.

You do:


We do:

  • Your Implementation Specialist will respond to your questions with a call or email, as needed, to support you in completing your Launch Guide steps. Please call or email, if you need help, so we can assist!

You do:

  • Attend the training webinars and ask questions in the live chat.

  • Let your Implementation Specialist know if you need family data converted over from another system into Procare Online and start filling out the Bulk Upload Sheet.

  • Review the Procare Online Launch Guide and begin completing the steps.

  • Explore the Help Center for a wide range of support articles (hint: use the search bar like Google).

  • Call or email your Implementation Specialist as questions come up.


We do:

  • Your Implementation Specialist will meet with you for your scheduled appointment.

  • They will review your progress with you and answer any further questions you have about the app or its website.

You do:

  • Be ready by your phone and your computer for your meeting with your Implementation Specialist. Feel free to invite other administrators and staff.

  • Have your questions ready to go!

  • Take notes on important new information that you learn during the meeting with your Implementation Specialist.

Congratulations! You have officially graduated to support!

Don’t have your cap and gown? No problem! Here’s what you will need. 😊

  • Help Center: You can learn more about additional features or find helpful step-by step instruction at

  • Procare Online Support phone number: (800) 964-1729

  • The easiest way to reach support is through the chat bubble (bottom right) in your Procare Online website.

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