Release Date: December 1, 2021

PE + Desktop Updates

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Procare Online Updates

Room Profiles Enhancement

The My Schools > Rooms screen has been updated to display the capacity, number of assigned students, and the number of students currently checked-in.

Each room will now have three tabs: Profile, Students, and Staff.

  • Profile - the Profile tabs allows you to view and edit the room name, room status, capacity, and age range. Please Note: room status cannot be deactivated if students are currently assigned to it, which is indicated with a lock icon.

  • Students - students assigned to the selected classroom will display with their schedule, add more students to the room, or use the More Actions icon to view the student's profile or reassign them to a different room.

  • Staff - the staff tab allows you to view staff members assigned to the selected room, add additional staff, or use the More Actions icon to view the staff profile or assign them to a different room.

Auto-Pay Failure Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to parent auto-payments:

  • The system will attempt to process an auto-payment three times. After the third failed attempt, the parent will receive the below notifications to update their payment method or resubmit the payment.

    • The following banner will display notifying the parent of the failed payment and to correct any necessary payment information.

    • An email will be sent to notify parents of the payment failure and to make any corrections as needed.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Dashboard and the activities approval screen were showing a discrepancy with the total number of activities awaiting approval.

  • Fixed an issue where the system was showing users the unread messages icon on messages that were previously viewed.

  • Resolved a display issue when using custom fields. Previously, some edit (pencil) icons were displayed behind the tooltip icon when the field response was lengthy.

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