Staff QR Code Check-In/Out
Steps to check-in/out with a QR Code via your mobile device
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When enabled, QR code check-in is a quick, easy, and touchless way for your to clock in and out without having to download the Procare app on your personal device.

Staff: How to Check-In/Out Via QR Code

On your mobile device, open your camera. Scan the QR code posted or from Parent Kiosk. Then, click the banner displayed at the top of the mobile device stating "Open "".

Enter your 4-digit staff PIN and click the arrow on the keypad.

The next screen will display your name and allows you to select a room to sign in to.

If the Staff Kiosk Form is enabled, required questions will display. Once the questions are answered, the "Submit" button will be enabled.

Once form responses are submitted, a confirmation screen will display.

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