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Parent Payments Via the Child Care Mobile App
Parent Payments Via the Child Care Mobile App

Enabling parents to make payments via the child care mobile app.

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Parents can view their account balance and make payments via the child care mobile app or parent portal website.

  • Account balances are synced directly from Procare Desktop. When a balance is updated (new charge, payment, etc.), the new balance will display in Procare Desktop and within the child care mobile app/parent portal almost instantaneously.

  • Billing will continue to be managed via Procare Desktop, this includes modifications to charges, refunds, cancellations, etc.

  • Parents with multiple accounts with the same email address:

    • Children at the same school – On the Make Payment screen, the parent will use the drop-down to select which account to make a payment for.

    • Children at different schools – Parents must use the Menu icon in the top left of the app, then select Switch Schools.

Procare's Child Care Mobile app vs. MyProcare

At this time, MyProcare will not be linked to the web portal or the child care mobile app. Parents will utilize MyProcare for parent statements and registration.

Identifying Payments Made via Child Care Mobile App and/or Parent Web Portal

If a payment was made via the child care mobile app the “Comment” in Procare Desktop will display “TE POS ENGCC #######”. This signifies that a Tuition Express payment was made via the app by credit card and the transaction number.


Q; Do you have any material I can send or provide to my parents?

Q: How does a parent sign up for Procare account?

A: Once a staff member has completed the invite process, the parent will receive an invite to complete the setup.

Q: Is there training material or instructions for parents on the payment process?

A: There are several articles available for parents on the support site.

Q: Will previous payment methods in MyProcare sync over to the Procare app?

Q: What payment methods can be set up for engagement functionality users?

A: Parents can use Credit Cards or Debit Cards when making payments.

Q: If parents have auto-pay set up in MyProcare, will making a payment in the Procare app disturb their auto-pay setup?

A: No, making additional payments with the Procare app will not change their auto-pay setup within MyProcare.

Q: If a child has been withdrawn with Procare Desktop, will parents will be able to make payments?

A: Parents will not have the ability to make payments via the Procare app if their child has been withdrawn.

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