Website Release Notes 3.19.0

Release Date: August 13, 2021

Dashboard > Live Room Status

The Live Room Status table on the Dashboard not only displays how many students and staff are in each room, but now shows the following information:

  • Room Capacity - the max number of students allowed (set on My School > Room screen).

  • Students - how many students are currently signed into that room.

  • Staff - the number of staff signed into that room.

  • Current Ratio - the current student to teacher ratio for the room.

Room Updates

The following enhancements have been made to the My School > Rooms screen:

  • The All Rooms table now displays a column for room capacity.

  • When clicking Add Room, you can now add the Room Capacity.

  • Under the More Actions icon, there is now an Edit Room option.

  • When editing an existing room, you can now add or edit the following information:

    • Room Name

    • Room Capacity

    • Age Range - Lower and Upper ages in years and months

Create Invoice > Subsidy

When creating an invoice and choosing Subsidy as the type, a message will now display if there are no subsidies created. Clicking the "Create new subsidy" link will direct you to the Billing > Accounting > Subsidy Account page.

Ability to Copy Milestones

Added the ability to highlight and copy milestones from the Learning > All Milestones list.

Duplicate Records & Automatic Sign-Ins

Fixed an issue where some children were being automatically signed into a room, which was causing duplicate attendance records.

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