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Parents: Adding Text and Signatures to Documents
Parents: Adding Text and Signatures to Documents

How to add a signature or text to an electronic document

Written by Procare Training
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If you receive an electronic document request from your child's school, you may need to add text or your signature.

There are built-in editing features located on the document toolbar. As a parent, there are only a few options you should need, which will be discussed in this article.

See Editing Tools Within eDocuments for a full list of tools.

View Options

The following options will always display on the toolbar.

Adding Text to a Document

Use the Text Box option to answer questions or fill in fields within the document.

  1. Select the Text icon, then choose your color and font size.

  2. Click within your document to insert the text box.

  3. Once your text box has been inserted, begin typing or double click within the box to add your text.

Inserting Your Signature

  1. Click the Signature icon, then click Add New Signature

  2. Choose the type of signature you wish to add.

    1. Draw allows you to use your mouse to draw your signature and choose between red, blue or black ink.

    2. Type will insert your name with a cursive font.

    3. Upload allows you to upload your signature file.

  3. Click Create. Then click where you want to place your signature. You can resize using the corner dots, change the font or delete.

  4. Once a signature been created, it's easy to use multiple times by clicking the drop-down and selecting.

Add an Attachment

The Attachment icon allows you to upload an attachment within the document.

  1. Click the File Attachment icon on the toolbar.

  2. Click within the document to insert the attachment, then select the document you wish to insert.

  3. Once the document is selected, a paperclip icon will display within the document.

  4. Click the paperclip icon for additional options, such as add a comment with the icon, change the color of the icon, delete the document, add a URL, or download the attached file.

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