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Document Request Experience for Staff
Document Request Experience for Staff

How staff members receive and complete document requests.

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When an admin sends an eDocument request, the staff will receive the following email notification. The staff member will click Get Started from the email notification.

Staff will be directed to log into their Procare account, then select staff.

Once logged into Procare, click Documents from the left menu.

To view previously submitted documents, locate the Document Library towards the bottom of the screen. Click the More Actions icon to the right of the document and select Preview or Download.

To complete the new document request, click Get Started.

Using the built-in editing tools, complete the document as requested and click Submit. Once the document has been submitted, it will display in the Document Library with one of the following statuses:

  • Awaiting Approval - document has been successfully submitted and is awaiting approval by the school.

  • Completed - the document has been submitted to the school and has been approved/rejected. Please Note: when a document is rejected, a new document should be sent to replace it.

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