Managing Lead Profiles

Track information and activities with potential families

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This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

When a family shows interest in your school or center, you can create a lead profile to help manage their information, track their progress throughout the system, and communicate with via email or text messages.

Lead Details

From the Leads > Leads screen, click the child's name to view their Lead profile. The left side of the screen will display all the student and parent information. The lead profile can be edited or printed from this screen by selecting the correct icon to the right of the "Lead Details" title.

The All Activities tab displays activities connected to the selected lead, such as status changes, outgoing messages, payments received, and when the lead was archived or unarchived. Each activity will include the date, time, and the staff member who was logged in when that change was made.

Please Note: The Activity tabs on the right side of the screen are premium features. Please contact support for more information.

Edit Lead Details

Select the edit icon to quickly make changes to the lead profile information. This option allows you to edit the student and parent information.

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