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Methods to viewing answers from the parent kiosk questions

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If you have parent kiosk questions enabled at sign in/out, you can view the answers in several areas throughout the mobile app and website.

Option 1 - Via the Mobile App

Please Note: Using this option will only display responses from the same day. To view previous responses, use option 2 or 3 below.

Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the app, then select "Live Sign-In Feed".

Click the yellow paper icon to view the kiosk answers for each child.

The Kiosk Responses screen will display the child's name, who signed the child in, the date and time of sign in, and the kiosk questions/answers.

Option 2 - Student Sign-In > Attendance screen

Navigate to the Student Sign-In > Attendance screen. As you look at the table with student attendance, you will see a report icon in the far-right column. When the icon is yellow, a report is present.

Click the yellow report icon to view the parent responses.

Option 3 - Reports

Navigate to Reports and generate the Daily Attendance report.

The kiosk answers will display on both the .xls and .pdf versions of the report. Below is an example of the answers on the PDF report.

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