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Child Check-In Notifications
Child Check-In Notifications
Receiving push notifications upon child check-in
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When a parent checks a child in using Curbside Contactless (GPS), QR code check in, or using their PIN, staff members assigned to that room will receive a push notification via the mobile app. The notification will display the child's name, who checked the child in, and what room the child was signed into.

When clicking the notification, you will be directed to the new Live Sign-In Feed screen. You can also access this screen by clicking the Menu icon, then choosing Live Sign-In Feed.

If sign-in/kiosk questions are enabled, answers can be viewed by clicking the yellow paper icon.

Click the "All Rooms" drop-down to filter the Live Sign-In Feed screen by room or tags.

How to Receive Notifications

Staff Permissions:

Enable Push Notifications:

Each staff member must enable push notifications on the mobile app for their profile.

To enable notifications, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the app, then select "Edit Profile". Locate the Push Notifications section and enable the "Parent Sign In-Out" option.

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