Website Release Notes 3.6.4

Release date: Jan. 16, 2021

Staff Room Assignments

Primary and Additional room assignments will now determine which push notifications admins and non-admin staff receive. To allow staff to receive messages, a new permission, "Parent/Staff Messaging", has been added.

For Admins

The primary and additional room assignments will determine which push notifications are received for parent messages. Admins will maintain access to all rooms for parent messaging.

For Non-Admins

Non-admin staff will be limited to see parent messages for their primary and additional room assignments. If they are not assigned a room, they will not see those messages.

Multifamily Billing

Use multifamily billing to accommodate split families within your center. This feature allows your split/divorced parents to keep their messaging and billing information private from the other parent.

Filtering Reports by Tags

Various reports can now be filtered by tags to allow you to run more precise reports. The following can now be filtered by tags: Daily Attendance, Daily Absent, Monthly Hours, Monthly Attendance, Students and Family, Meal Tracking, Immunizations and Name to Face.

Lead CRM Quick Options

Quick options to send an email or SMS have been added to the Lead CRM > Leads list. Click the ellipsis in the last column to access these options.

Student Profile PDF

Physician information, such as name, email, phone, etc. will now display on the student profile PDF.

Monthly Staff Timecard Report Updates

The Monthly Staff Timecard xls report will now display totals for each column.

New Payment Mode

On the Receive Payment popup, the “Charge Parent ACH/CC” option will charge the parent's ACH, credit card or debit they have on file. The Billing > Accounting screen will also specify the payment type as Credit, Debit or ACH.

Inactive Children Hidden from Messaging

Parent/Staff messaging on the mobile app will now display only "Active" children, inactive children will be hidden from the chat feature.

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