Assigning rooms to staff members help control parent/staff messaging, push notifications during child check-in, and help make the staff clock-in process easier.

When the staff member signs in via the parent kiosk, they will sign directly into their assigned room; however, staff will also have the ability to sign into a different room.

Assigning a Room to a Staff Member

Primary and Additional room assignments will determine which push notifications admins and non-admin staff receive. To allow staff to receive messages, the "Parent/Staff Messaging" permission must be set to Full Access.

For Admins

Assign primary/additional room assignments to determine which push notifications are received for parent messages. Admins will maintain access to all rooms for parent messaging.

For Non-Admins

Non-admin staff will be limited to see parent messages only for their primary and additional room assignments. If they are not assigned a room, they will not see messages from those parents.

  • Navigate to My School > Staff, then select the staff member

  • Locate the “Room” section within the profile. The room with the purple book icon is the current primary room assigned. The room(s) below that are the secondary room assignments

  • To edit these assignments, click the pencil icon next to the primary room name

  • On the Edit Room Assignment popup, select the primary room by hovering over the room name and clicking the book icon. Secondary rooms can be selected by using the checkmark to the left of each. Then click Save Changes

Additional Information

  • When a staff member shows "Not Assigned" under the Rooms section, they have not been assigned a primary or secondary classroom.

  • If a staff member's profile displays "All Rooms", this simply means all rooms have been selected as secondary.

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