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Quick Actions are primarily intended for Procare Online users and allow you to complete common actions without leaving your current screen. The Quick Actions menu can be accessed from all screens within Procare online and are customizable per user. Below is a list of available Quick Actions:

  • Add Staff (Procare Online only)

  • Add Calendar Event (Procare Online and Procare Desktop users)

  • Create Invoice (Procare Online only)

  • Add Student (Procare Online only)

  • Add Lead (Procare Online only)

Adding/Editing Quick Actions

Click the + symbol to view, add or delete Quick Actions, then select Edit Quick Actions

Select the Quick Action(s) you wish to display in the drop-down, then click Save Changes

Once changes have been saved, you will see the selected Quick Actions in the drop-down

All Quick Action screens display in front of your current screen

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