Website Release – prod 3.3.9

  • Bug Fix: In Lead CRM, the incorrect automation email is being triggered when creating new leads with the “Enrolled” status.

  • Student Attendance screen on the website will display whether the Sign-in/out record was completed by QR Codes or the GPS Sign-in/out.

  • Bug Fix: Staff members were able to update their roles and permissions from the mobile application and this has been resolved so that this can only be accomplished when they have the necessary permissions.

  • When linking siblings, the address fields from current students will copy to new sibling profiles.

  • Newsletters that are sent to only staff members will now display the recipients, allowing you to track who has received the newsletter in the same way as when they are sent to the parents.

  • On the Receive Payment screen, there will now be an option to not send an email to parents.

  • You will now have the option to print the ratio monitoring graph.

  • Bug Fix: Unapproved messages will be displayed when the message inbox is empty.

  • Bug Fix: You will now be able to edit leads that have the enrolled status.

  • Bug Fix: Staff members who are non-admins will be able to see the reports tab on the website when configured with the correct permissions.

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