Website Release - prod 3.3.6

  • The CheckR integration is now available for you to seamlessly run background checks on existing employees and potential hires.
  • Improvements to the Lead CRM integrations that will allow for the Lead CRM to accurately fill out the "Expecting Mother" field.
  • Improvements to the back end used to calculate your centers billing statistics (paid/unpaid).
  • The Wysiwyg editor for the Lead CRM emails and newsletters has been upgraded and will contain an option to remove borders on HTML tables.
  • Mobile Billing has been disabled when the integration with Procare Select is initiated.
  • Bug Fix: The correct error message will now be displayed when staff members are not able to be reactivated.

Mobile app release - prod 4.3.1

  • You will now be able to share links through the messaging feature and parents will be able to select these links and this will then direct them to the website.
  • Parents are now able to view their billing transactions and payment history from their mobile devices.
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