Procare Solutions, the leader in child care management software for more than 30 years, is excited to launch Procare Parent Engagement. This solution has been formulated to help centers, daycares, preschools and before and after school programs build meaningful connections with parents and families while relying on Procare desktop version as their central management system.

Procare Parent Engagement seamlessly transfers your center's data from Procare desktop version. To learn how to configure your Procare desktop version account to allow for your information to sync to Procare Parent Engagement, follow this link.

Contactless Sign-In Options

Procare Parent Engagement offers your program the ability to incorporate cutting edge attendance tracking solutions that will allow you to be successful in any situation. At the present time, these attendance records do NOT sync back to Procare desktop. This capability is anticipated in Fall of 2020. Some of these contactless attendance tracking features include:

  • QR Codes: Allow parents to sign in and out without touching a kiosk by scanning your center's unique QR Code.
  • Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign-In/Out: This location based check in allows parents to sign their children in from their own device when they are within the designated radius of your center.

Connect with Families

Procare Parent Engagement is a web-based platform that allows your center to share milestones, photos and videos, newsletters, daily activities, and more through an easy-to-use app.


The Newsletter feature available through Procare Parent Engagement offers your center the ability to create, schedule, and send newsletters to your parents. You will have the ability to create templates and personalize this communication with your families. Keep your parents up-to-date with all that your program has in store.

Daily Activities

Procare Parent Engagement offers a thorough selection of different activities that your center can easily share with your parents straight from the app. These activities are then sent as push notifications to your parents' phones so that they are able to receive real-time updates into their children's days. This list of daily activities includes:

  • Photos and Videos: Allow your parents to visualize the joy and activities that their children experience each day at your program.
  • Meals and Meal Planning: Plan and Share the meals that you serve your children each day and be able to track these meals through a reporting feature.
  • Nap: Keep your parents informed of their child's sleeping schedule.
  • Bathroom: Notify your parents about their children's diaper changes and bathroom activities.
  • Bottle: Allow your parents to know when and the amount that you are providing their child. You can also use this activity to set internal reminders!
  • Mood: Quickly update your parents of their child's mood.
  • Meds: Track the administering of medications and share this with your families to allow parents the confidence that their child is getting the necessary care.
  • Incident Reports: Quickly document incidents and share these updates with your families.
  • Name to Face: Use this activity to track internal notes such as required temperature and health checks. You will then be able to pull a report with this data.
  • Notes: Craft your own daily activity, or just provide your parent's with a quick update of their child throughout the day.


Allow your parents the confidence to know that you are only a quick message away! The Messaging feature through Procare Parent Engagement allows both your staff members and parents to communicate with one another through both the app and the website. Through the messaging feature you will be able to:

Tracking your Students' Development

Procare Parent Engagement empowers your center to track in-class activities and development milestones that can easily be shared with parents. The following features are available to Parent Engagement users to keep their parents informed of their child's development:

  • Learning Activities: Quickly provide your parents with updates around the different learning activities their child participates in throughout the day.
  • Observation Activities: Use the mobile device to track your students accomplishing new milestones.
  • Assessment & Development Tracking: Record each student's progress and milestones across your state's standards and easily access these records.
  • Lesson Plans: Plan out your curriculum, attach milestones, and share these lesson plans with your parents.

FAQ for Procare Parent Engagement

How will my parents pay after I introduce Procare Parent Engagement to my Center?

All charges and payments are recorded in Procare desktop version, the same way you’re used to handling them. If you already have parents making online payments through the MyProcare parent portal, they should continue to do so. If you haven’t yet set up MyProcare, see video: Set Up Current Families.

How are parents able to receive the daily updates and communications that I send?

Once your parent information is entered into the Procare desktop version and synced to the Parent Engagement platform, you will then be able to "Invite" your parents through Parent Engagement. This will then generate an email containing an invitation code and the necessary steps to create their account.

Will My Daily Attendance Data Sync from Procare desktop version?

You will be able to have Procare Parent Engagement accurately reflect who is signed in by following these steps. This will allow you to easily communicate and filter for the students who are physically present.

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