If your school has enabled the Contactless Curbside (GPS) Sign-In/Out at your child's school, you will have the option to sign your child in/out just by using your own location.

When you are within the radius that your school has set up, you will be prompted with a notification that will read "Looks like you are in school. Tap the Button to sign-in/out"

Now that you are within the school's radius, you will simply need to load the Procare App and select the scan icon at the top of your screen.

Once the scan icon has been selected, you will notice a banner at the bottom of the screen that will say "Looks like you are in school. Tap the button to sign-in." and there will then be a blue button to Sign-In-Out.

This Sign-In-Out button will be highlighted as long as you are registered as being located within the permitted radius of the school. If you are not, the button will not be highlighted, and you will not be able to sign your child in/out.

Now that you have selected to sign your child in/out, you will be presented with the same flow of screens as if you have entered in your four-digit pin on the kiosk.

Please note that to use Contactless Curbside (GPS) Sign-In/Out, that you will need to allow the Procare Device the proper access to your GPS. If you are having trouble allowing this access, it is helpful to delete the app and redownload as this will prompt you to allow Procare the proper access on your device.

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