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Parents: Contactless Curbside (GPS) Sign-In/Out
Parents: Contactless Curbside (GPS) Sign-In/Out

How to use geofencing to sign your child in and out from your own device.

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If Contactless Curbside (GPS) Sign-In/Out has been enabled at your child's school, you will have the option to sign your child in/out when you are within the radius set by the school.

Check Your Child In/Out Using GPS

Open your Procare App and select the QR code icon in the top right.

Your camera will open and if you are within the set distance of school, at the bottom it will say "Looks like you are in school! Tap the button to sign-in". Click the Sign In-Out button to sign your child in/out.

Please Note: If your screen reads "Are you in school? Please be in designated area to sign-in", contact your school to determine where you need to be to use GPS check-in.

All active child will display. Select one or multiple children to check in, then click the Sign-In button.

If your school has kiosk questions set up, complete the questions and click Submit.

If parent signatures are enabled, sign your name and click Done.

If the sign-in was successful, a message will display in green.

Please Note: To utilize contactless (GPS) sign-in/out, that you will need to allow the Procare App the proper access to your location. If you are having trouble allowing this access, it is helpful to delete the app and redownload as this will prompt you to allow Procare the proper access on your device.

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