Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign-In/Out

Use Geofencing to track attendance and allow parents to sign their children in and out with their location.

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Schools have the option to reduce unnecessary foot traffic by using the Curbside Contactless (GPS) to allow parents to sign children in and out.

This geofencing solution works by only allowing parents to sign their children in or out when the parents' devices register that they are present at the school. By using GPS, Procare ensures that the parents are within the radius that the school has set before the parents are able to sign their children out from their own device.

How To Enable Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign-In/Out

The first step to enabling the curbside GPS sign-in/out is to go to School Settings > Settings > Enable Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign In/Out > Setup Geo-Fence.

After selecting to Setup Geo-Fence, your school's address will populate or you can choose to enter the address manually. To further refine the curbside positioning, you can then drag and drop the red pin icon to match the location of your program for pickup. From there, you will have the option to select the radius of the pickup location.

This radius allows the school to adjust how close the parents will need to be in order for them to sign their children in or out with their own devices. The recommended radius is 50-100m but you can adjust this to meet the needs of your program.

How to Use the Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign-In/Out

Now that you have enabled the curbside contactless (GPS) sign-in/out, here is how parents can complete the sign-in and out process.

Parents will launch the Procare mobile app and select the icon in the upper right corner.

Parent will then select the Sign-in/out button on the bottom of their screen. This is located to the right of the banner that reads "Looks like you are in school. Tap the button to sign-in."

The sign-in button will only be highlighted when the parents are within the designated perimeter.

Parents will then be prompted to complete the same steps as if they have entered their four-digit pin into the kiosk, or if they had scanned the school's QR Code.

You also have the option to require parents to submit answers to questions from their own devices by using the Parent Kiosk Forms. This is a great way to track the health data of your children, and staff can view the answers right from the mobile app!

Please note: that this feature will require parents to allow the Procare app to have access to GPS on their mobile devices.

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