Website Release 3.3.5

  • Lead CRM: Emails will now show insight into the status of the email and schools will be able to track these statistics and further filter the leads when in the Communication section of the Lead CRM.

  • Lead Page: The Lead CRM will now allow you to assign priorities to leads and filter based on these priorities as well as age and expected start date.

  • Lead CRM: Each lead now has additional fields to track expecting mothers, schedules, and sources of the leads.

  • Lead CRM: Leads can now be linked as siblings in the Lead CRM to better manage families in your pipeline.

  • Lead CRM: Notes for the leads are now added to the timeline so schools will be able to easily edit and track these internal notes.

  • Lead CRM: Automation and tasks can now be configured on a corporate level.

  • Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign-In/Out: You are now able to allow parents to sign their children in and out by using their location. Once a parent is within the designated range of your school, parents will be able to sign in and out from their own device.

  • Bug Fix: Resolved issues with QR Codes where parents received the error code of "No active students"

  • The Name to Face Report will now show the descriptions of these activities that were entered when the activity was created.

  • The Name to Face Report will now have the option for "Health Check."

  • Bug Fix: invoices will no longer be issued with duplicate numbers and will be unique and listed in alphanumeric order.

Mobile App Release 4.3.0

  • Curbside Contactless (GPS) Sign-In/Out is now supported on mobile devices for parents.

  • When the Name to Face activity is selected on mobile devices, you will see the option to select a "Health Check"

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