This article applies to the Enterprise users of the online version only (without desktop).

Automating the process of transferring the data that is captured in the enrollment forms to student profiles, allows schools to further streamline their enrollment process.

To understand how to set up your account to allow for this seamless transferring of data please follow the steps detailed below.

Creating the Custom Fields

The first step to transferring this data is to create the necessary custom fields. By going to School Settings > Settings > Custom Fields.

When you are creating these fields, you will need to create a field for the Lead Student or Lead Parent first and then also create a corresponding field for the student or parent.

For example, if I wanted to track the work address for the parents of a student, you would first create a "Lead Parent" field with this title and you will also want to create a field for the "Parent".

You will want to use the same titles and descriptions for both of these custom fields since the information will be the same in both places.

Linking the Custom Fields to the Enrollment Form

Once you have created the custom fields for both the Lead Student and the Lead Parent, you will be able to link these to your enrollment form so that the information is able to be transferred to the student profile.

To do this, you will go to Lead CRM > Configure > Edit Form. From here, you will be able to select the option to "Add Field".

When a field is being added, you will then see the option to "Assign Field to Lead Data." Selecting this drop-down menu will allow you to then choose from the custom fields that you have created for the Lead Student and the Lead Parent.

To be able to transfer the information that is captured in the enrollment form to the lead profiles and ultimately the student profiles, you will need to assign the field on the enrollment form to a custom field that you have created.

Transferring Data from Leads to Student Profiles

Now that the leads have information associated with them that were either entered in manually or captured through the enrollment form, you can set up your account so that this information is automatically populated when the student is enrolled.

You will need to make sure that you have created a custom field for the Students and Parents that correspond with custom fields that you have created for the Lead Student and Lead Parent.

Once you have created these custom fields, please reach out to our support team so that we can finalize this process for your school.

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