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Understanding the different statuses of emails sent through the Lead CRM

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This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

With the premium Leads features, you can now track the different statuses of emails sent to leads. This allows you to further track the interest of the leads and ensure that the communication is being received.

The status of the emails can be tracked by going to Leads > Communication > Email Sent. Schools are able to filter their sent emails by different statuses.

Once an email is sent to a lead, it will appear on this screen with the following information:

  • Email title

  • First and last name of the lead

  • First name, last name and email address of the parent

  • Date and time the email was sent

  • The status of the email - see status definitions below

Understanding the Different Statuses

  • Delivered: When an email is showing with the status of "Delivered" this allows the schools to know that this email has been successfully sent to the email address on file, but the email has not yet been read.

  • Open: This Status allows schools to understand that the email has both been successfully delivered and that the parent has opened the email.

  • Pending: When an email is showing as "Pending" this allows schools to know that the email has been sent through the Lead CRM, but that it has not yet been successfully delivered to the parent.

  • Unsubscribe: When emails are sent through the Lead CRM, the parents receiving these communications will have the option to unsubscribe from the emails. When a parent unsubscribes from receiving emails, the email that they used to unsubscribe will be assigned this status.

  • Bounced: This status is assigned to emails that could not be delivered. This includes the parent's server not accepting the email, the parent had previously unsubscribed from the emails, or if the parent has marked prior emails as spam.

  • Dropped: This status is assigned to emails sent to parents where prior emails have bounced.

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