Searching and Filtering Leads

How to effectively search and filter leads

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Filtering and searching through your leads is an important step to effectively managing your enrollment pipeline. Here are some helpful ways to manage your leads.

Filtering by Priority

Schools can assign a priority level to each lead by navigating to Leads > Leads and selecting the box to the left of the lead's name.

Once priority levels have been assigned, the leads list can be filtered by priority by selecting the exclamation point icon to the right of the search bar.

Filtering by Enrollment Status

Another way of filtering your leads is by the Lead Status. To see which leads are at which step of the enrollment process, select the icon that looks like a bar graph.

Additional Filtering

By selecting the filter icon to the right of the search bar, you will be presented with several options for filtering students such as room, age, and start date.

Searching for Leads

When you click inside the search bar under Leads > Leads, a list of options to search for will appear.

You can narrow down this search by using the "@" symbol, then the field that you are searching, then the name/word. For example, to search a phone number, type "@phone (916)949-7823".

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