Linking Leads as Siblings

Link your leads as siblings to better track inquiring families

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This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

Linking children as siblings in Leads allows you to easily track incoming families and will prevent future confusion once the leads are converted to students.

To link existing leads as siblings:

Go to Leads > Leads and select one of the siblings. Once the lead has been selected, click "Add Sibling" under the Lead Details section.

If the sibling has a lead profile created, select "Choose Existing Lead", then search for the sibling's name. If the sibling does not have a lead profile created, select "Create New Lead".

Leads with a linked sibling will have "+1" next to their name on the Leads > Leads screen.

Additionally, linking leads as siblings allows you to quickly see the history and actions that have been taken for the family.

When you select a lead that has a sibling linked, you will be able to quickly toggle between the two leads by selecting the different names.

Please note: Both Leads will appear in the Leads > Leads list which allows you to convert only one of the siblings to a student (enrolled).

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