Procare is dedicated to ensuring that each program and their parents have the tools to succeed in any environment. As a way of allowing parents to sign their children in and out while only touching their own personal devices, we have introduced QR Codes. This is also available for staff check-in.

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a unique barcode that allows the parent to scan this code with their personal device. The act of scanning the school's unique code allows for the system to track which parent is signing their child in and out without the need of the parent entering their pin into the kiosk.

How Do I Enable QR Codes?

The first step to enabling the QR Codes is to use the website version of Procare and go to School Settings > Settings and locate the Contactless QR Scan section. Use the toggle to turn on/off QR code sign-in for parents and staff. When the toggle is blue, QR code sign-in is enabled.

Once this setting has been turned on, you will need to log out of the app and log back in to see the change. You may also want to delete and redownload the app to make sure you're on the latest version. After that, parents/staff will be able to scan the QR Code with their personal devices.

How Do I Access the QR Code?

Your school's unique QR Code can be accessed in several ways:

  1. On Your Computer Monitor: Historically, parents were always required to sign their children in and out through the mobile version of Procare. Now schools can launch the QR Code on the desktop monitor by going to School Settings > Settings > "Launch QR Kiosk."

  2. Print the QR Code: Schools will also have the option to print the QR Code by going to School Settings > Settings > "Launch QR Kiosk" > Select the Printer Icon. Printing the Kiosk form is a useful option for schools who wish to paste this image on the window of their building for curbside pickup. (Note: You will need to select an expiration date for this code)

  3. On the Parent Kiosk: Parents will be able to scan the QR Code on the school's mobile device as well. Once you have enabled QR Codes in your school's settings, the code will appear when you access the parent kiosk.

Parent Sign-In/Out Process

Once you have enabled the QR Codes and decided how you will present this to parents, it is time to understand the workflow.

  • When parents arrive to sign their child in/out they will need their mobile device to scan the code. This can be accessed by selecting the barcode icon at the top of the screen when on the Procare App.

  • Once this icon has been selected, the parent's device will then activate the parent's camera. The parent will then be able to scan the QR code by focusing the device's camera on the QR Code. (Computer Monitor, mobile device, or printed image)

  • After the parent has successfully scanned the QR Code, they will be prompted with the same steps as if they had signed their children out on the mobile device (Selecting children, signature, etc.) except they will be able to answer directly on their own device.

Staff Check-In/Out Process

This process can be found in the Staff QR Code Check-In/Out article.

Can Parents Answer Questions When Signing in with Their Own Device?

QR Codes support the ability to answer kiosk forms from their own device. The kiosk forms allow for schools to ask questions and track responses from parents when they are signing their children in and out. This is a great way to have parents provide health information while only touching their personal devices.

Once parents have answered the questions asked when signing their child in/out, they can be viewed in several areas throughout the mobile app and website.

Also, here is a link to the parent help article on how to use QR codes for signing in and out.

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