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Setting Up A Billing Account: Procare Center
Setting Up A Billing Account: Procare Center

Setup your account to accept Debit, Credit and ACH payments

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This article applies to the Procare Center online version (without desktop).

Accept online payments to further streamline your administrative duties! A quick sign up process will allow you to accept Debit, Credit and ACH payments. No more manually logging check/cash payments for you!

*If you reside outside of the United States call us first at 877-679-0950 before setting up your online billing account.

  1. Go to School Settings > School Profile and make sure you have added your EIN tax code if you have one. Click on the Edit Profile button to update any information.

2. Select Billing > Accounting. In the blue bar at the top, select SETUP ACCOUNT.

3. Please fill out the type of program you have and how many active students attend monthly.

4. Please make sure all of your contact information is correct and one of our billing representatives will reach out to you within 2 business days to discuss next steps.

For more information on Tuition Express, please review the Tuition Express Guide.

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