Kinderlime and Procare Connect

In 2019, Procare Software, the leader in child care software management, acquired Kinderlime. With this acquisition, Procare committed its more than 30 years of experience and expertise in child care technology and unmatched resources to the Kinderlime product.

As of May 5, 2020, Procare will be rebranding the Kinderlime product to Procare Connect.

What Does This Mean for My Center?

With this rebranding, all users will experience a refreshed look and feel within the app and on the website. Please be assured that the functionality and processes on which you rely will remain the same.

What Actions Should I Take?

This rebranding will take effect through a standard app update, so aside from ensuring your apps are updated, there will be no additional actions needed to ensure that your center has access to Procare Connect.

Should I Communicate This Rebranding to My Parents?

To ensure a smooth transition to Procare Connect, you may want to consider communicating this exciting release to your families. This would be a great time to use the messaging or newsletter feature!

Additionally, we have created a great resource for your program to include when communicating the rebranding to your families. Below, you will find a link to an article the you can share freely with your parents.

Will My Pricing Change?

No. As a current Kinderlime customer, the monthly fees you pay will remain the same with Procare Connect.

Will Procare Connect Have Different or New Features?

At the time of launch, Procare Connect will have the same set of easy-to-use features as Kinderlime has today. Branding and logos for Kinderlime will be replaced with Procare Connect within the app and online portals. Procare will continue to evolve the Procare Connect line of products going forward.

**Please reach out to support with any questions or concerns regarding the rebranding. We will be happy to clear any confusion.

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