Website Release 3.2.0

  • Parent messaging is now displayed as threaded messages and Parents can choose to keep their messages private from other family members.

  • Schools can now send Staff to Staff messages.

  • Emergency Cards are now available through the Quick Reports.

  • When viewing Lead Details, schools will see a tab of related  activities for the specific lead. 

  • Bug Fix: Newsletter scheduling issue is fixed when newsletters are immediately rescheduled. 

  • Bug Fix: When assiging recurring plan templates the students will display correctly. 

  • Bug Fix: When editing recurring plans, the correct start date will be displayed. 

Mobile App Release 4.0.0

  • Parent and Staff messaging has been updated to show the threaded messages. 

  • Schools are able to send messages to individual staff members

  • Parent to Staff Messaging - added support for split family to enable private messaging

  • The Student Profile Screen will now display the room that the child is currently signed in to. 

  • Schools can quickly transfer students by tapping and holding the student on the mobile home screen. 

  • The Lesson Plan Screen now allows staff members to view the weekly schedule for lesson plans and to edit and rearrange the lessons. 

  • Bathroom Activities now have the option to track BM as wet or dry.

  • Schools can toggle parents and authorized contacts as emergency contacts from their mobile devices. 

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