Staff can send and receive messages to other staff from both the website and the app. Staff will need to have an email address in their staff profile and be able to login in order to receive messages.

Permission Settings

Permission settings for staff to staff messages can also be adjusted from the staff profiles under My School > Staff.  The permissions can be set to:

  • No Access - Staff will not even see the envelope icon in the upper right, and will not be able to send or receive messages,

  • Read Only - Staff will only be able to receive messages but not respond or compose new messages, or

  • Full Access - Staff is able to receive and send messages.

Staff Messages on the App

To view staff messages on the app, click on the menu in the upper left and select "Staff Messages". 

If you have a message waiting to be read, you will see an orange dot on the menu icon:

And next to "Staff Messages" in the menu itself:

Click on a message in your Inbox tab to view it and respond, or click on the blue pencil icon in the lower right to compose a new message. You would click on the Sent tab to review messages you have already sent. 

Staff Messages on the Website

To reach the staff messages page on the website, click on the envelope icon in the upper right next to your profile circle.  You will see an orange dot next to the envelope if you have a message waiting to be read. 

View any messages you have received or sent in your Inbox and Sent tabs. Click on "New Message" in the upper right to compose a new message, or click on an individual message to send your reply.

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