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Quickly Generate Reports on Important Student Information

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In addition to the comprehensive list of reports that can be generated through the reports tab, schools are now able to easily print student information from the Students page under My School. 

To access the quick reports, users will go to My School > Students > Ellipses > Quick Reports. 

Types of Quick Reports

There are 3 types of Quick Reports that can be generated: 

  1. Allergy Cards

  2. Export Page

Each of these reports will be generated into a PDF that allows for the schools to easily print the information to either use throughout the day or to save for their records. 

Allergy Cards

Allergy cards are an incredibly useful tool for staff members to be able to track each student's allergies and medications. This can be used to meet licensing requirements and help staff members administer medications. 

This report can be generated for each classroom allowing staff members to track allergies and medications for their students. 

Roll Call

The Roll Call report allows for schools to quickly generate a report of all of the students and staff members in the case of emergency. This report includes information on the parent's and their contact information. 

This can be an essential report in the case of an emergency as it shows which students in each classroom are signed in and allows for the staff members to account for these children. 

If a child is signed in at the time that this report is generated, then the checkbox under the Signed-In column will be checked. 

Export Page

This report allows for schools to quickly export all student and parent data into a pdf for schools to keep for their records. The columns of this report align with the different fields located in each of the student profiles. 

An alternative to the Export Page report is the Student and Family Report located under Reports. This report will allow you to customize the fields that are generated preventing schools from having to sort through unnecessary fields. 

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