Website Release 3.1.0

  • In the Billing tab, schools can now choose whether or not to display students of all enrollment statuses when filtering for Amount Unpaid and In Process. 

  • When viewing a lead in the Lead CRM, schools will now be able to choose the option of "Quick Action" to send a message or assign a task. 

  • The Student Assessment page will now display the Milestone Categories. 

  • Observation labels in Student assessment page will now display even without an observation recorded. 

  • Transactions entered into the Ledger now have the option to list service dates.

  • The statements that display a family's billing history will now show any registration payments as a separate line item. 

  • Reports that are generated as XLS will display the school's name and address. 

  • Allergy report cards that displays the student's allergies and medications are now available under My School > Students. 

  • Bug Fix: Student & Family report displays the correct graduation date.

  • Bug Fix: Recurring plan email reminders will not be sent for inactive kids.

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