Website Release - 3.0.8 (prod)

  • A field for Diet Restriction has been added to the Student Profile. 

  • Schools will now be able to restrict staff access to students' addresses.

  • Staff who are also parents will not show as "Signed Up" unless they are invited as both staff and parent. 

  • Billing Transactions can now be filtered by Payment Mode. (ACH/Credit Card/Cash/Check)

  • The All Transactions page will now display students with all enrollment status when selecting the Amount Unpaid and Amount In Process filters at the top of the screen. 

  • Schools will now be able to create invoices, assign credits, and issue refunds for students that are not listed as Active. 

  • Schools are now able to email the sign in pins to their parents

  • The student profiles will now display the sign-in status and the room the child is signed in to. 

  • When creating recurring plans, schools will first select the student(s) and then enter in the plan details. 

  • Student Profiles will now allow for physicians to be listed with information such as phone number, address and type of physician. 

  • Additional Authorized Pick-Ups can now be listed as emergency contacts.

  • Bug fix: the emergency roll call pdf will not be clipped when printing. 

  • Bug fix: on the Staff Detailed report, the staff pin numbers will be displayed with leading zeros.

  • KL Connect - performance optimization on query related to billing. 

  • KL Connect - add lead filtering by payment.

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