Website Release 3.0.4

  • Newsletters are now able to be customized through the use of HTML in addition to the standard formatting provided by Procare Connect. 
  • Schools can now create templates for the newsletters. These templates can then be edited and customized further before being sent to the families.   
  • When viewing the leads in the Lead CRM, schools can select to display additional fields including the custom fields that they have created. 
  • The Student and Family report now allows for the user to select the specific fields they would like to be displayed as columns in excel. 
  • The Merchant Statement and the ACH Returns Reports from Tuition Express have been added to Procare Connect Reports. 
  • Procare Connect has introduced an integration with Quickbooks. Schools can now seamlessly transfer their billing information from Procare Connect to their existing Quickbooks account. 
  • Bug fix: Addressed issues relating to FTP sync. 
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