Website Release (3.0.1)

  • Franchise schools: Ledger and Billing transactions will be locked from editing if it is not done in the same month that the transaction was entered.
  • Schools can now print the student profiles. 
  • Schools can now filter by classroom in the Lead CRM report.
  • Schools can now filter by meal type in the Meal Tracking Report
  • "Newsletter" has been removed from subject in the emails received through the Newsletter feature. 


  • Student DOB will display correctly for future dates. 
  • Parents and schools will be able to view photos/videos without having to refresh. 
  • Schools and Parents will be able to pull a statement for a single month. 
  • Lesson plans will allow access to the attachments. 
  • Lead CRM - bug fix to show correct amount paid after a cancelled payment. 
  • MSGR report - will now include ledger transaction for revenue tracking. 
  • Family Billing : bug fix to show correct balance after initiating ACH refund.
  • FTP Sync - remove duplicate name checks.
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