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Do you find yourself having to send the same email over and over when a lead changes from waitlisted to admitted? Use our lead automation feature to set up these emails or action items ahead of time. Once you're done, these emails and tasks will be generated automatically by our system!

Please Note: Lead Automation is a premium feature. Please contact Support for more information.

Setting up Automations

Navigate to Leads > Configure and click "Manage Lead Automations".

Click "Create Automation" button in the upper right and complete the Create Automation Rule popup.  

Example: The rule below is being created to set automated tasks to occur after a lead's status changes to "Toured". The name of the new rule is "Follow Up - Tours"

Click on the "Add Action" button to determine what should take place when a lead's status changes to your selected status. 

Choose whether you want to send an email or create a task.

Send Email

When sending an email, you'll see the same email format that you see when sending general communication to your leads. You can also use the same templates. The main difference will be the "When" drop-down menu toward the bottom. 

  • If you choose "Immediate," the email will go out as soon as the lead's status is changed.

  • If you choose 1 day, it will go out one day after the lead's status changed. The same goes for 2 days, and so on (the highest option is 15 days after the lead status changes). 

Create Task

Creating a task works similarly to when you create a manual task on the Leads > Tasks page. Add a title, assign a staff member, select the task type, add a note, and select when the task should be created.

Step 4: Review your list of emails and activities to ensure that each task is being sent out in the correct order. You can use the pencil icon to edit or the trashcan icon to delete the task. 

Once you've review your list, you can click on the "Inactive" button toward the bottom and switch the task automation to "Active" to set it going. You can also do this from the main Task Automation page by clicking on the ellipsis (...) at the end of the row.

Each item in the task automation will be generated as long as the lead remains under that status. 

As soon as the lead changes from that particular status to a new status (for example, moving from Toured to Admitted), the lead will switch from the Toured automated tasks to the Admitted tasks. All tour-related emails or actions will stop. 

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