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When working with potential families who are interested in placing their child at your center, you need to ensure that leads are contacted quickly so that they don't lose interest or decide to go somewhere else. Procare Connect has made keeping track of your to-do's easier by adding a "Tasks" section to our Lead CRM. 

The Lead CRM > Tasks page will allow you to create tasks related to an action, email, or phone call that a specific staff member will need to complete within an assigned due date. 

Step 1: Go to Lead CRM > Tasks and click on "Create Task" in the upper right.

Step 2: Fill out the details of your required task. 

You can include notes to help the assigned staff member get context on the situation, and choose between "TO-DO", "CALL", or "EMAIL" task types. There is also a specific date and time you can schedule for when the task should be completed.

Step 3: Once the task is created, you can click on the ellipsis on the far right to edit or delete the task. 

  • If a task becomes past due, it will turn red. 
  • You can use the clock filter at the top to view upcoming or past due tasks; the funnel filter will provide more options for open / closed tasks, date ranges, assigned staff members, and task type.

Step 4: After completing the task, a staff member would change the "Open" status to "Closed" by clicking on the "Open" button in the Status column.

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