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Create Ledgers for External Expenses
Create Ledgers for External Expenses

Track expenses like subsidies, office supplies, building costs, etc.

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This article applies to online version only (without desktop).

To track any expenses beyond parent invoicing and payments, go to Billing > Accounting > Ledger Account. Click on the "New Ledger" in the upper right to get started.

Enter the name of your ledger and a description of what expenses you want to track.

Use the ellipsis (...) at the end of the row if you ever want to edit your ledger's name / description, or delete the ledger altogether. 

Click on the ledger's name to see its transactions. Use the "New Transaction" button in the upper right to either Add Expenses or Receive Payments.

When adding an expense or receiving a payment, you can list the amount and a description of the transaction. If it relates to students, you also have the option to assign students. 

Ledger Detailed Transaction Report

Once you have created your ledgers and recorded your transactions, you can then pull this information by generating the Ledger Detailed Transaction Report. 

You can find this report by using the website version of Procare Connect and going to Reports > Billing > Ledger Detailed Transaction. 

After you have selected the Ledger Detailed Transaction Report, you will then be able to filter for a specific month and ledger.

Note: Any transaction recorded in a ledger will NOT be shared with parents or appear on the student's account page under Family Accounts. It is for internal use only. 

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