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You will most likely send certain messages over and over to your enrollment pipeline. For example, when an opening becomes available for a family on your waitlist, or when a family first fills out your form and you are reaching out to obtain more information. 

In our premium Lead CRM feature, you'll be able to create templates ahead of time with your school's branding.

How to Create Templates for CRM Messaging

Go to the Lead CRM > Configure screen and click Manage Templates. 

Previously created templates will display on the screen. Use the ellipsis (...) at the end of the row to edit or delete a template.

Click on the "New Template" button in the upper right to start a new template draft. 

The message editor will display. Enter the message for your template and click Save Template.

Using your Templates

After saving your templates, navigate to the Lead CRM > Communication screen and click "New Message" in the upper right. 

Click "Choose from Template", then select a template to auto-populate the message with your template details.

Make adjustments as needed, then click Send Message.

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