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Format / Translate your Early Education Learning Standards for Milestones & Assessments
Format / Translate your Early Education Learning Standards for Milestones & Assessments

Customize the Milestones for your local or state standards

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Procare's format for milestones and learning standards is most likely different from the standards that you have been working with on paper. 

When looking at our Milestones page, you'll see that we allow for a domain name and the standards beneath it. 

However, the standards you're working with may look more like this (from California Department of Education):

Here's how to translate your early education standards to Procare's format:

Option 1: Use the Milestones in combination with Observation Activities
Based on the example above, I would set up my Domains to match California's standards like this --

1. Under the All Milestones screen, the domain name and learning standard / description would be listed out as it is below.

2. All of the more detailed items in the chart for this education standard would be included as Observation Activities. 

While an observation might be recorded for one child, ALL recorded observations will be accessible when you go to the Assessments page to select observations for other children. 

There are two ways to build this list of observations to draw from:

  • Add to the list over time with each recorded observation activity for your children.

  • Create a dummy child and enter all of the observations ahead of time for this child, then inactivate the child from your My School > Students list.

3. When pulling a child's portfolio (Learning > Assessments > click on a child's name > click "View Portfolio" in the upper right), you should see the standards reflected properly.

Option 2: Flatten your Chart to fit the 2-tier format of the Milestone page
Alternatively, you can adjust how information is entered on the Milestone page itself. For example --

  1. List the true domain category in the "Short Name" field (SOC stands for Social Development). 

  2. Place the learning standard and description in the "Title" field.

  3. Add the age group as a milestone category.

  4. Include the descriptive examples from the state standard as the milestones themselves.

Feel free to play around with the fields and find what works best for your needs.

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