Go to Learning > Assessments to view the children's individual development across the domains and learning standards that you're tracking.

Progress Labels

Everyone has their own way to track development. You can add, edit, or delete progress labels by clicking on the Manage Progress link in the upper right. 

You'll see a pop-up with Procare's default labels. Use the pencil icon to edit or the trash icon to delete. 

You can also click on the blue "Add Progress" link enter a new label. Only the first letter of each label will appear in the chart on the main Assessment page of the website.

Children's Assessment Profiles

Once you have your progress labels, click on a child's name to go into their developmental profile. You'll see each of your domains and milestones, along with empty blue drop-down menus.

If you click on the blue drop-down menu next to the domain name, you will be able to select a progress label and apply it across each milestone within that domain.

You'll see this pop-up to confirm your action. 

However, if you would prefer to track each milestone individually, you can also click on the blue drop-downs on the right side of the screen.

Attach Observations

Once a child has a progress label for a milestone or domain, you'll be able to attach observations to demonstrate why you've selected that particular progress label. 

Observations that are recorded in the app will automatically appear in the child's developmental profile. You can also attach them via the website by click on the blue plus (+) symbol.

You'll be able to filter for particular activities, or scroll through all activities that have been recorded for this child and use the Select box on the right side to decide which activities apply to the learning standard. 

The activities aren't clickable or editable, but you are able to click on individual photos to view a larger version of the image. 

Note: Only observation activities can be attached to the developmental profile from the app. All other activities will need to be attached via the website. 

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