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Use Milestones to monitor your children's development

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View each child’s individual development across domains and learning standards from the Learning > Assessments screen.

Sending Portfolios to Parents

Save time by sending student portfolios to multiple families at once! Share student portfolios with parents in three easy steps.

  1. From the Assessments screen, click Send Portfolio

  2. Decide whether to "Only include Assessments with an assigned Progress."

  3. Then, select the students and click Send Portfolio

    1. The student portfolio is emailed to parents with a PDF attachment

    2. Parents with multiple children at a center will receive a separate email for each child

Progress Labels

Progress labels are used to track development and are completely customizable. Add, edit, or delete labels by clicking Manage Progress.

Editing Labels

  • Click Add Progress to add additional labels. Please note: only the first letter of each label will appear in the chart on the Assessments page.

  • To edit or delete a label, click the Actions menu.

  • To reorder the list, use the 3 lines icon to the left of the label and drag and drop.

Children's Assessment Profiles

To view a child’s assessment profile or assign a progress label, click the child’s name from the Learning > Assessments page.

View Portfolio as PDF

Use the View Portfolio option to open the child’s portfolio as a PDF.

When viewing student portfolios, you have the option to “Only include Assessments that have been assigned Progress”. This will significantly cut down the length of the portfolio and allows you to better interpret the portfolio as it applies to relevant assessments of the child's development progression.

The child’s portfolio will open as a PDF displaying only the assessments with a progress assigned (see Adding Progress Labels below).

Adding Progress Labels

Each of your domains and milestones will be listed, along with a blue drop-down menu, which are the Progress Labels.

Progress labels can be added to a domain or for each milestone within a domain.

When changing the progress for an entire domain, the following message will display:

  • Click NO to only update the progress of the milestone selected.

  • Select YES to update the progress of all milestones within the selected domain.

Attach Observations

Once a child has a progress label for a milestone or domain, you'll be able to attach observations to demonstrate why you've selected that particular progress label. Click the blue plus (+) symbol to add an observation from the web or via the mobile app.

You'll be able to filter for particular activities, or scroll through all activities that have been recorded for this child and use the Select box on the right side to decide which activities apply to the learning standard.

Note: Only observation activities can be attached to the developmental profile from the app. All other activities will need to be attached via the website.

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